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Matt has enjoyed a 20-year career in sales and management that serves as the foundation of his skills for coaching and mentoring.  During his time with a global pharmaceutical company, Matt was instrumental in developing and executing new tools for people development. He mentored leaders in how to be more effective people developers and managers. He also created curriculum that supported skill growth in coaching for performance.

He has also seen people leadership through the eyes of the clients he coaches.  Over hundreds of dedicated hours coaching dozens of leaders, Matt has been witness to what good leadership looks like, sounds like, and feels like.



While Matt is passionate about his professional purpose, he also enjoys a full personal life with friends and family.  He has been married to his wife, Carrie, for over 20 years and is proud to be the father of 2 smart and talented young women, Abby and Lily.

He enjoys vacationing with his family and is a big fan of reading a book on a beach!  He enjoys working in the yard or his relatively new woodshop or playing tennis and running to stay healthy.

Lead from Wherever You Are™ with The Catalyst Effect

The Catalyst Effect is an Organizational Design and Consulting firm founded on the premise that everyone can be a leader, regardless of title or authority. 

Organization Design &
People Strategy

Firms with a strong people strategy realize 516% greater revenue growth and 755% greater net income than firms without (Corporate Culture and Performance, Kotter & Heskitt). 

Our experienced team will partner with you to align all aspects of your organizational structure, culture and people processes to drive business strategy.

Leadership & People Development

Whether you’re looking for a 12-month program to develop emerging talent, expert planning and delivery for your annual conference, or c-suite executive coaching, our experienced team of coaches, facilitators and consultants will work with you to define, design and deliver the right solution.

Executive & Team Retreats

Looking to realize the impact of the critical time away together? Our facilitators can help you create and deliver content that is more than a sit-and-listen lecture. Our engagements connect content to real-world application for your employees.

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Valued: The 6 Coaching Habits that Turn Subject Matter Experts into Enthusiastic Talent Developers is a book about discovering how intentionally investing into others’ development could lead to a more fulfilling career that is better aligned to your core values.

Resources to Build Leadership Knowledge
& Coaching Ability

People Leadership

Good questions to facilitate collaborative coaching and mentoring conversations.

Personality Assessment
Quick Reference

Questions you can ask yourself for educated guesses into someone’s personality.

Personality Assessments

A quick guide to the similarities in types of personalities over many different personality assessment instruments.

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