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Many of us seek a fulfilling career and a desire to be of service to others.  That journey can be accelerated by a guide; a mentor, an advisor, a coach.

"Matt’s focus with Valued is the reciprocity of leadership by serving others. Meaning, by committing to peers, friends, and those that report to us to fulfill their potential is a reward shared."
Mike McGinley
Relevant Solutions LLC

About Valued

Valued:  The 6 Coaching Habits that Turn Subject Matter Experts into Enthusiastic Talent Developers is a book about discovering how intentionally investing into others’ development could lead to a more fulfilling career that is better aligned to your core values.

What is good people leadership and why does it really matter?  Many books explore the first question but few have spoken directly to the importance of people development to both the giver and the recipient.  Valued delves into a world where one’s individual career objectives can be met by making their work about the advancement of others.  As it makes the case for ‘why’, Valued also gives important tactics and tips that could make a less experienced leader successful.

What People are Saying about VALUED

Rich Willis
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"Dickerson is the type of leader who believes in developing people, not just enhancing their productivity. These lessons help make entire teams better, not just individuals. He understands that the mark of a great leader is in helping others become leaders. The examples in the book can help new or experienced managers learn to work with their teams to make them capable of more - more than they do now, or perhaps more than they knew they could do. At the same time there are examples given of how this didn't always go as planned, and those lessons are valuable as well. A great book for leaders at all levels who are interested in the 'servant leader' mentality."
Scott R.
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"This is the leadership perspective that my soul was seeking. What great insights and habits for leading others on their own personal growth journey. I enjoyed the examples of the impact you can have on others and the fulfillment that can bring. This is a book I will be re-visiting frequently."

Meet Matt

Your partner in building good leadership habits.

Matt believes that all good leaders encounter times in their careers where they cannot find answers on their own. It’s become clear that his purpose in life is to help people through those moments.

His book Valued:  The 6 Coaching Habits that Turn Subject Matter Experts into Enthusiastic Talent Developers, is the next step in that professional purpose. He hopes to spur passion for investing in others while giving tangible tactics in order to be successful.

Discover more of Matt’s personal and professional story or reach out to connect with him today.

Resources to Build Leadership Knowledge
& Coaching Ability

People Leadership

Good questions to facilitate collaborative coaching and mentoring conversations.

Personality Assessment
Quick Reference

Questions you can ask yourself for educated guesses into someone’s personality.

Personality Assessments

A quick guide to the similarities in types of personalities over many different personality assessment instruments.

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